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By The Students of Doon Group of Institution


In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Bill Cosby

step4success club

Oppurtunites come from creation, not by chance

step4success club

It is not bad that you don't have certain skill, but it is truly bad if you don't want to learn.

Monday, 10 March 2014

What are step4success?

What are step4success?

  1. Goal Setting: - set your goal is the first step4success if you don’t have any goal find one.
  2. Time management:- now write the goal on a diary and make a schedule for it.
  3. Take action: - now stop thinking about it much and start taking actions….go take action just start it dude.
    (Learn missing skills, find new ideas, practice, and apply learned skills practically.)
  4. Persistence: Most people just complete the above 2 steps but then they give up too soon. This is horrible mistake. Only persistence will lead you toward success.
  5. Failure (optional):- if your plan or schedule fail just be flexible make a new one and start form the step one (goal setting) again. Remember break downs and rejections are a part of success ladder.
  6. Finally:  you get what you want. Congratulations and enjoy this proud feeling.

Extra tip: obstacle will come on your way to put you down, just believe in yourself and follow these steps.

Q:- But why most people doesn't get what they want? 

Answer: they doesn't take action, or they give up too soon, they listen to those experts who put them down, they doesn't have any role model, they doesn't like to feel bad emotions of rejection or failure, they doesn't want get out of their comfort zone, make excuses, they blame their luck instead of finding the missing skills and try to start again, they have negative beliefs about success etc.

start now.! i am sure you can.

written by: Bhagwant Singh

Sunday, 23 February 2014


SEM-V (2013-14)

Attempt any Four parts:
  1. Define the word transducer? Also classify them?
  2. State the 5 static characteristics of Transducer?
  3. Explain the working of LVDT in addition with c type Bourdon tube with proper diagram?
  4. For what purposes Strain gauge is used ? Explain semiconductor types & gauges?
  5. What do you understand by temperature compensation? how temperature compensation is done using Wheatstone bridge circuit using 2 active elements?

 Attempt any Two parts:
  1. With the help of appropriate diagram explain the working of resistance temperature detector? Also state the difference between Thermistor & amp; Resistance temperature decoder?
  2. Give the basic idea about elastic pressure Elements? How pressure measurement is done Bellows?
  3. A Thermistor has a resistance of 10 kilo ohm at 25 degree Celsius. The resistance temperature coefficient is -0.05/ degree Celsius. A Wien’s Bridge Oscillator uses 2 identical Thermistors in the Frequency determining part of the bridge .The value of capacitance used in the Bridge is 500pf .Calculate the value of frequency of oscillations for .
    (a) 20 degree Celsius 
    (b) 25 degree Celsius
    (c) 30 degree Celsius

 Attempt any Two parts:
  1. Define Vibration and Shock? Also describe the need and importance of Vibration measurement including the diff between Vibrometer and Accelerometer?
  2. Describe the construction of a Seismic type vibration Transducer ? Derive the steady state o/p of the Transducer when a Sinusoidal i/p is applied to it ?
  3. Describe Tachometer? What r Electromagnetic and Photoelectric type Tachometer?
Attempt any Two parts:

  1. What do u understands by Telemetry System / Also explain Radio Telemetry.
  2. What is SNR ? Why there is need to improve it ? And how improvement of SNR is done.
  3. Difference between Grounding and Shielding with the help of proper diagram ?
Attempt any Two parts:

  1. With the help of block diagram explain DC as well as AC electronic voltmeter?
  2. What are current probes? Give the basic principal of operation of AC and DC current probes?
  3. Explain ramp and dual slope integration type digital voltmeter?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

VLSI Technology (utu previous year question paper)

utu previous year question paper
sub:- VLSI Technology sem 5th
Uttarakhand Technical University

Q1:- Attempt any four parts:

  1. Describe CZ process in detail with neat diagram. What is the pull Rate in CZ technique? How the Pull rate is controlled during the CZ crystal growth process?
  2. A silicon ingot with 0.5 * 10^16 boron atoms/cm^3 is to be grown by CZ method. What should be the concentration of boron in the melt to obtain the required doping concentration? The segregation coefficient of the boron is 0.8
  3. Describe the effect of orientation on oxidation? Prove that linear growth rate occur for short time oxidation.
  4. Calculate the oxidation time required for the thermal oxidation of 100A thickness at 1000 degree C. NOTE: B= 5.2  105A 2/min. and B/A = 111A/min {A = angstrom }
  5. Describe two most common methods used for measuring thermal oxide thickness.