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In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Bill Cosby

step4success club

Oppurtunites come from creation, not by chance

step4success club

It is not bad that you don't have certain skill, but it is truly bad if you don't want to learn.

Monday, 30 June 2014

utu previous year question papers uttarakhand technical university 4th sem (2013-2014) sub: microprocessor and its applications

utu previous year question papers
uttarakhand technical university 4th sem (2013-2014)
sub: microprocessor and its applications 

Q1: Attempt any four parts:

  1. Give a short note on evolution of microprocessor.
  2. Draw the basic block diagram of microprocessor and explain the function of each block in brief. 
  3. Explain all types of semiconductor memories in brief.
  4. Discuss the organization of semiconductor memory and advantages and disadvantages of SRAM over DRAM.
  5. Explain the sequential and parallel types of memory with the help of suitable example.
  6. Draw and explain the timing and control unit.
Q2 Attempt any four parts:
  1. Draw the basic arhtiecture of 8085 microprocessor.
  2. Explain the pin diagram of 8085 microprocessor.
  3. Explain the various addressing modes of 8085 microprocessor.
  4. Explain the following instruction of 8085 microprocessor.
    a) ADI data
    b) LXI B, 02H
    c) DCRC
    d) RLC
  5. Write and assembly language program for te addition of two decimal numbers using 8085 microprocessor.
  6. Draw the timing diagram of memory read cycle in 8085 microprocessor.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

utu previous year question paper sub : POM (Principles of Management)

Uttrakhand Technical University
sem: 6th
utu previous year question paper
sub : POM (Principles of Management)

Q1: Attempt any two.

  1. List any five major function performed by the management?
  2. What is need of hierarchy theory of managment?
  3. Compare and contrast the works the works of F.W.Taylor in the area of scientific management?
Q2: Attempt any two.
  1. discuss various theories of management.
  2. Difference between co-ordination and monitoring.
  3. What do you mean Managerial decision making and MIS?
Q3: Attempt any two.
  1. How can an employee interact with internal and external environment?
  2. What guideline s would you suggest to ensure effective organization? Also explain the process of organizing?
  3. What are the steps in controlling? Explain with suitable examples.
Q4: Attempt any two.
  1. What are challenges of motivation in the new workplace?
  2. What are the steps in organizational structure?


Monday, 10 March 2014

What are step4success?

What are step4success?

  1. Goal Setting: - set your goal is the first step4success if you don’t have any goal find one.
  2. Time management:- now write the goal on a diary and make a schedule for it.
  3. Take action: - now stop thinking about it much and start taking actions….go take action just start it dude.
    (Learn missing skills, find new ideas, practice, and apply learned skills practically.)
  4. Persistence: Most people just complete the above 2 steps but then they give up too soon. This is horrible mistake. Only persistence will lead you toward success.
  5. Failure (optional):- if your plan or schedule fail just be flexible make a new one and start form the step one (goal setting) again. Remember break downs and rejections are a part of success ladder.
  6. Finally:  you get what you want. Congratulations and enjoy this proud feeling.

Extra tip: obstacle will come on your way to put you down, just believe in yourself and follow these steps.

Q:- But why most people doesn't get what they want? 

Answer: they doesn't take action, or they give up too soon, they listen to those experts who put them down, they doesn't have any role model, they doesn't like to feel bad emotions of rejection or failure, they doesn't want get out of their comfort zone, make excuses, they blame their luck instead of finding the missing skills and try to start again, they have negative beliefs about success etc.

start now.! i am sure you can.

written by: Bhagwant Singh