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step4success club

Oppurtunites come from creation, not by chance

step4success club

It is not bad that you don't have certain skill, but it is truly bad if you don't want to learn.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

sub - Switchgear and protection Utu previous year question papers Examination papers dec 2014
sub - Switchgear and protection
Utu previous year question papers
uttarakhand technical university previous question papers

Time : 3 hrs
Q1: Attempt any four :

  1. Explain static relay and write its merits and demerits.
  2. Explain electromagnetic impedance relay.
  3. What are the various types of over current relays? Discuss their are of applications.
  4. Explain Directional Over-current relay?
  5. The current rating of a relay is 5A. PSM=2, TSM=0.3, CT ratio=400/5, fault current= 4000A. Determine the operating time of the relay. At TMS= 1, operating time various PSM are:
    PSM=                                2         4        5        8        10        20
    operating time in seconds=  10       5        4        3       2.8        2.4

Utilization of Electrical Energy and Traction. UTU (uttrakhand technical university previous year question papers) question papers
sub- Utilization of Electrical Energy and Traction.
UTU (uttrakhand technical university
previous year question papers)
Dec 2014

Q1: Attempt any four:
  1. What are the advantages of induction heating? Give classification of various heating methods.
  2. What is Ajax-Wyatt Furnace? Describe construction, principle of operation and application of this furnace.
  3. Discuss advantages of electrically produced heat. State the properties of a heating element used for this heating.
  4. Explain with help of neat sketch the working of Ajax Wyatt furnace.
  5. A 40KW 3 phase 400v, resistance oven is to employ nichrome strip 0.25mm thick for the three star-connected heating elements. If the wire temperature is to be 1200C and that of the charge is to be 800C, estimate a suitable width for the strip. Assume emissivity= 0.9 and radiating efficiency=0.5. Also determine the temperature of the wire when the charge is cold.
  6. What are the factors which limit the choice of frequency in induction and dielectric heating?

Sunday, 31 August 2014

one more step4success (

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